When you login to your Domains and Hostings Provider account you are permitted to change your:

  • Registrant Contact ID
  • Registrant Contact Name
  • Registrant Contact Email
  • Tech Contact ID
  • Tech Contact Name
  • Tech Contact Email
  • and more contact details

You are not able to edit your:

  • Registrant
  • Registrant ID
  • Eligibility Type

The Registrant is the registered owner of the domain. If you are not listed as the Registrant, the listed Registrant has the ability to sign forms, have legal control and can take ownership of the domain. You might find that you have control of the domain in your Domains and Hostings provider account but without that Registrant being you, the listed Registrant can take ownership at any time and your domain may disappear from your account. It is therefore important to undertake a Registrant Name Change if you are the legitimate and rightful owner of the domain name.  The implications include:

  • The legal owner choosing to take control of the domain
  • In the event of registrant ABN expiration, another company/individual purchasing the legal ownership to the domain
  • In the event of registrant ABN liquidation, liquidators and/or creditors taking over legal ownership of the domain
  • In the event that you wish to package the business with the domain and sell it, you are not the legal owner of the property and cannot sell it.

If you wish to change your company’s .com.au, .org.au or other type of .au Registrant you must submit a Registrant Name Change with your Domains and Hosting provider. All providers charge a fee in order to carry out this service. With WebEngin, this fee will cover the change of your Registrant, your Registrant ID and your Eligibility Type as well as a re-registration for 2 years.

whois registrant example

Registrant ID Types:
Eligibility Types:
Registered Business
Sole Trader
Trademark Owner
Pending TM Owner
Incorporated Association
Commercial Statutory Body

WebEngin’s fee of $99.95 for this change also covers the renewal of your domain for 2 years. Normally to renew your domain for 2 years with us, it would cost $43.89. Our fee of $99.95 can be attributed to the Australian Domain Name Authority (AUDA) adding to the price. WebEngin’s price has been formulated to factor in AUDA’s guidelines. Compliance tests as well as an approval process result in WebEngin’s additional cost. These strict policies help ensure the legitimacy of the .com.au domain space, which in turn provides security for your company’s .com.au, .org.au or other type of .au. The same security cannot be ensured for .com’s as they do not abide by guidelines like AUDA does.

In comparison to other providers such as Melbourne IT who charge $330.00 and Crazy Domains who charge $140.00, WebEngin’s fee is good value for money. You may be able to find a cheaper price elsewhere, although you cannot be guaranteed of receiving the service that you require.

Please note for .com’s a Registrant Name change is not possible.

Registrant ID Types:ACNABNVIC BNNSW BNSA BNNT BNWA BNTAS BNACT BNQLD BNTMOTHER Eligibility Types:CompanyRegistered BusinessSole TraderTrademark OwnerPending TM OwnerIncorporated AssociationCommercial Statutory BodyPartnership


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