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Woocommerce Membership Help

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Grant Content Access

You put a lot of work into your members-only content, so Memberships lets you schedule when your members should have access to it. You can drip content, which means that you can schedule when members should have access to your content. For example, you can require that customers be a member for a week before they can access certain posts or pages.

This gives you more control over how members begin using your site and lets you introduce members to your content at your pace.

When you use this with Subscriptions, you can even determine which content is included in a free trial period with content dripping rules.


Reward Members with Special Discounts

Since you may want to give your members certain perks, you can provide member discounts for all products, some products, or certain product categories.

Automatically Show Members Their Perks

While membership management should be easy on you, it should be easy on your members, too. Members can find all of the information they need about their memberships in the Member Area. Members can access the area for any membership from the “My Account” page by clicking “View”.

List of Products and Services and Ranking For Hierarchy

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When starting your website, developing a list of the products and services you wish to sell is an essential step.

From this list

  • You will be able to determine the products and services hierarchy and which products and services are most profitable.
  • You can innovate and combine products and services and/or develop new ones.

This is what will give you a niche for the future.

It’s easy, make a list and rank it! Read More

Taking Photos For Website, Branding and Marketing

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You need lots of content and photos for your website to receive the full effectiveness.

Photos are an important part of the site and different types of photos are needed.

  • Zoom Ins / Close Ups
  • Zoom Outs / Wide shots
  • People, smiling faces give a feel of genuineness and transparency and works wonders for business.

You should take all your photos in landscape and of the highest resolution possible but a  phone camera is fine.

Never stop taking photos, make it part of the work. It’s as easy as pulling out your phone. Read More

How to Resolve a cPanel Block

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What is a cPanel IP Block?

If you are unable to login, and have ensured that both username and password are correct, it is likely that you have been cPanel IP blocked. There are many reasons for this, the most likely is that:

  • The system believes that you have attempted to login 30 times.

This may be the result of:

  • A poor internet connection which is attempting to log you in with the wrong credentials every time you reconnect
  • A poor configuration which may have attempted to log you in automatically with the wrong credentials

The system is led to believe that you a hacker, conducting a brute-force attack.

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Recreating your website in a new CMS

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Website Development over the Years

Websites are generally developed over time as features are added as they are seen fit. Over this time, the website can become much more feature-packed than initially anticipated. As such, while the website may have cost very little initially, it is all this development over time which has attributed to the true value of the website. For examples, please see: Evolution of Websites.
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Website Health Check

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Website Performance

[ ] Is your website bringing in new customers?
[ ] Are you satisfied with the amount of new customers your website is bringing in?
[ ] Can you be found on Google, YellowPages, Yahoo and your major industry directory listings?
[ ] Are you evolving your website to suit the ever changing market better than your competition?
[ ] Is your website outperforming your competition?
[ ] Has your website been updated in the last month? Is your website evolving? See Getting the Best From Your Website for more info.

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Content is king

Content is King

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Content is kingYour websites content can have different appeals for different people. No two people are alike; therefore the information useful for one might not necessarily be what another individual is looking for. Why we say content is king is because if your website does not provide information that is being sought by your target audience they will make a quick exit looking for one that does.
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