Website Health Check

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Website Performance

[ ] Is your website bringing in new customers?
[ ] Are you satisfied with the amount of new customers your website is bringing in?
[ ] Can you be found on Google, YellowPages, Yahoo and your major industry directory listings?
[ ] Are you evolving your website to suit the ever changing market better than your competition?
[ ] Is your website outperforming your competition?
[ ] Has your website been updated in the last month? Is your website evolving? See Getting the Best From Your Website for more info.

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Content is king

Content is King

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Content is kingYour websites content can have different appeals for different people. No two people are alike; therefore the information useful for one might not necessarily be what another individual is looking for. Why we say content is king is because if your website does not provide information that is being sought by your target audience they will make a quick exit looking for one that does.
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