Domain is about to exceed its bandwidth limit, what you can do

  1. Use a Content Management System (CMS)
    By its nature a CMS puts together content on a page by calls to database and reusable and consistent templates (design). CMS’s also utilise a variety of programming functions and specifically compression related. At its heart a CMS is for efficiency and effectiveness on a grand scale.

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    1. See; CMS
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    3. See; Glossary CMS
    4. See; Glossary Joomla!
  2. Compress files, files integrated in your template (design) such as backgrounds, images, fonts and more
    Dissect your design, look at the individual file sizes and compress such as jpg, gif, png.
    Dissect your FTP files, look for traditionally large files that can be compressed such as PDFs, MP3s, WAVs.
    Dissect your FTP files, looking for compressible files, such as a jpg.

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    1. See; Compress Website Basic
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    3. See; Compress Website Zeumic
  3. Upgrade the hosting package (Last Option)
    Find out which hosting package you are on (usually bronze).

    1. To upgrade login to Zeumic WebEngin; www.webengin.com.au
    2. Click My Account link (Centre Menu)
    3. See under Hosting, 4) Upgrade Hosting and follow instructions.

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