Domains and Hosting Auto Renewal

By January 1, 2014April 19th, 2018Website Domains and Hostings

All domains and hostings under Zeumic or WebEngin management are default set to auto-renew on or before expiry. As stated on the website this is a professional service that acts to protect our client’s services and provide continuity without outage.

At its cost, domains and hosting are critical infrastructure to a business that is inexpensive on a per annum basis.

On the per annum basis the risk of loss has the potential to shut down a business completely. Once domains (and/or hostings) are gone, they are gone forever.

Its frighteningly easy and high risk to lose services due to minor changes in the manager or owners situation, such as owner/manager on holidays, email address changes or emails going to spam and many other small yet common changes.

There are no refunds for services that have been auto-renewed. This is a professional service provided to you to protect your business, as stated on the domains and hosting website. Details of auto renewal are on the footer of every page.

What to do if you no longer require to hold or own your domains and/or hosting.

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