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What is a Homepage Slider?

The homepage slider can be a creative and visual way of immediately attracting the attention of visitors.

The slides now have an exciting capability for:

  • An image which has been modified to fit at a 1080p resolution (such as the Zeumic Homepage) or
  • A 1080p video which plays as soon as the visitor lands on the home page (such as the Salient Demo)

Generally this is followed by:

  • A title and a spiel to encapsulate the attention of the visitor
  • Several links or buttons to the appropriate pages


Zeumic Homepage Slider

Zeumic Homepage

First Homepage Slider:

  • The image: a lady working with a laptop
  • The header: ‘Qualified and Experienced’
  • The body: ‘Tried, tested, and success! Zeumic, the I.T. partner of choice, the interconnected world that transcends the screen’
  • The link: two buttons with description, ‘About us’ and ‘Website Wizard’

Salient Homepage Slider

Salient Demo

First Homepage Slider:

  • The image: a video of an animated character with a moustache
  • The header: ‘This is Salient’
  • The body: ‘Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Video backgrounds are natively supported in our exclusive % touch-friendly Nectar Slider.’
  • The link: two buttons with description, ‘View more features’ and ‘Learn about us’

Considerations for Homepage Sliders

  • Image or video
  • The title and description
  • The button link and description

Feel free to add any of your own ideas and thoughts, Zeumic will aspire to complete most of your custom requests.

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