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How to Check My PHP Configuration and Version

By February 6, 2012April 5th, 2016Website Domains and Hostings

This is especially useful if you want to check for a specific module that you require in your PHP version for your website application.

  1. Create a new php file, e.g. “info.php”
  2. Inside the file enter the following code:<?php phpinfo(); ?>
  3. Save this file with no other information inside
  4. Upload to the server and access it via WebA long page will load giving you the compilation string we used during setup, as well as additional information on the default directives in this version of PHP.

If you are currently using PHP4 and need to change it to PHP5, please see; How to Setup PHP Version 5 (PHP5) Support

Please note; You can change a lot of the configuration options using a php.ini file, see How to Setup Your Own Custom php.ini, with Example, Changing Memory Limit for PHP Using php.ini

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