Options for hosting two websites? Add-on or independent hosting

By September 26, 2014April 19th, 2018Website Domains and Hostings

With the creation of a second website comes the question: should it be hosted independently, or created as an addon to the main domain’s hosting. Within a cPanel hosting, there may be multiple SQL databases, which have the capability to host fully functional and essentially separate websites. The addon domain should have no visible references to the primary domain; only their databases are linked through the control panel.

While this may incur cost savings, hosting from a single domain has several disadvantages.

  • Any consultants for the addon domain have full access to the main domain, as resources are shared between the two, preventing true separation of the two branches.
  • Errors on the addon domain may affect the main brand.
  • In the case of resale, addon domains have a much lower value.
  • If the brands are to be split, migration costs may be incurred, since separate hosting would have to be purchased, and hosting transferred.

For an independent project, Zeumic recommends purchasing a new hosting package.

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