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Nothing Lasts Forever.

By July 22, 2014April 19th, 2018Website

This concept applies to both the ever-changing world of Information Technology and to the practices of a service firm.

  • “Life inevitably throws us curve balls…” Life doesn’t stay still and run at the same pace forever, despite best assurance and the best work.
  • In a world of unknowns, issues arise. Whether this be a power surge, or accidentally emptying your inbox.
  • “There is nothing more certain and unchanging than uncertainty and change.” – John F. Kennedy. These happenings are inevitable.
  • As you encounter issues that may arise, we will strive to assist you with your issues.
  • At the same time, respect must be given to the fact that issues do arise and these issues are yours. We are here to help.
  • “Expect the unexpected”. Smart companies expect these curve balls and prepare for them.  Backups of critical infrastructure are kept, redundancies are made, and maintenance is budgeted for.
  • The biggest cost is not always the equipment, but the cost in making it perform at its peak.
    • Clubs pay good money not for Ricky Ponting’s cricket bat, but for the centuries that Ricky Ponting achieves.
    • Cars can be driven without maintenance but expectedly they will fail. With the correct budgeting for maintenance and service, the car will run for much longer.

Examples Include:

  • Domains and Hostings will have to be renewed. When you purchase a domain, you are purchasing the rights to that domain for a period of time.
  • Over time,  third party companies change their policies and procedures to reflect new practices.
  • As new technologies are being developed in both internet and networking, so will versions and compliances change.
  • Even without changing technology, computers deteriorate over time and they must be maintained so that they can be usable.
  • All these factors are inevitable, and nothing is more sure in life than change
  • When you purchase prepaid support, be mindful that it will eventually be consumed. As issues arise in from day-to-day work, prepaid support will meet them but also be consumed.
  • And…things just wear out

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For more information, please see: Prepaid Support and On-site Support.

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