2.8 Phone Integration

Best Practice

Google Apps email integration, migration if needed.

What is phone integration?

∙ Integration of smartphones with email
∙ iPhone, Android, Samsung
∙ Migration between smartphones
∙ Optimization


Phone integration is the integration of smartphones such as iPhone, Android and Samsung, with email systems such as Google Apps.

These products include optimisation, and optimisation + migration, which involves migrating email integration between smartphones.

Optimisation, Migration, Integration

Bronze: Optimization

$ 49

  • Uninstall bloatware
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Silver: Integration

$ 79

  • Uninstall bloatware
  • Integrate email system
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Gold: Migration

$ 149

  • Uninstall bloatware
  • Integrate email system (in new phone)
  • Migrate between phones:
    • Gmail
    • Google Drive
    • SMS
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
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