6. SEO

Best Practice

Silver+ Depending on your Budget.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation over time:

∙ Dramatically Increase a Website’s Ranking
∙ Increase the Volume of Traffic
∙ Increase the Quality of Traffic
∙ Target your Audience

Don't miss your crawl errors: connect with Google Search Console here.

All websites with Gold Level SEO Packages and above are connected to Google Search Console, allowing you to kickstart, review and take control of your SEO through Google Search results.



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Redefines the paths and individual names of all images on a website in order to optimise the relevance and searchability of image content.
This ensures that image searches of your brand name return unique and relevant results.


$ 89

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$ 179

20-50 Images
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$ 369

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Gallery Sitemap

$ 399

  • Sitemap of images on website
  • Designed to work with galleries
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When SEO features are installed on your website, URL’s are renamed more descriptively and become more search engine friendly. The downside is that your website’s old URL’s are no longer valid. This effects the use of old links and bookmarks that users of your website have saved on their internet browsers prior to the SEO features installation.
One way to easily correct this issue is to setup a series of redirected URL’s. Once the software has been installed, URL redirection is able to be maintained over time.



20 Links

50 Links

100 Links


1-3 Lines of Code

4-6 Lines of Code

7-12 Lines of Code

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