9.4.2 Wikipedia

Best Practice

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Wikipedia is an open source of information for the general public; one of its main objectives is to supply accurate, comprehensive, unbiased information on all of its articles.

Because articles are easily edited but heavily reviewed, this means that any information added to a Wikipedia article will possibly be changed or removed over time, even if the information is truthful and accurate.

Zeumic offers services to help maximise acceptance of any client’s desired changes or additions to Wikipedia articles, as part of reputation management.

NB: It cannot be guaranteed that edits made to Wikipedia content will be approved, especially if the information supplied is biased, inaccurate or poorly sourced. Truthful information can still be potentially removed.

Added content is always subject to change/removal, and the client understands that changes made to articles in their favour are not permanent, and may not be approved.


The first step to adding reliable content which will be approved by Wikipedia editors is to provide evidence of proper research on the topic. This is shown through solid, accurate information and full referencing of sources. This service offers research to a comprehensive standard.

Online Research

$ 75

Per Hour Add To Cart

Libary or Field Based Research

$ 85

Per Hour Add To Cart

With solid research as a foundation, Zeumic will produce content to add to or replace sections of the Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia Content

$ 85

Per Paragraph Add To Cart

The final step is to upload the new content to the article and/or make the desired changes to the article in a way that will maximise likelihood of approval. This is done by providing evidence of strong research behind added content, justified reasons for change/removal of content and keeping/improving the article’s standard through the changes made.

If the client only wishes to have certain private/incorrect information from an article removed, this service can be selected as standalone.


$ 199

1 Edit Add To Cart


$ 389

2 Edits Add To Cart


$ 579

3 Edits Add To Cart

In most cases, making single, large changes to a Wikipedia article within a short time period will decrease the approvability of the revision. Zeumic also offers Smart Editing, an adaptive process to increase the likelihood that planned changes will be approved.

Bronze Smart Editing

$ 599

5-10 Edits Add To Cart

Silver Smart Editing

$ 979

11-20 Edits Add To Cart

Gold Smart Editing

$ 1449

21-40 Edits Add To Cart


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