9.4.3 Google Knowledge Graph

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Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph is a feature set of Google Search introduced in May 2012 which includes providing an instant summary of details about a search topic inside the Google Search window. The information in this summary is partly sourced from Wikipedia. Click here for more info.

In some cases, it may be in the client’s interests to dispute or take down select information that appears in the Google Knowledge Graph summary due to errors, privacy or confidentiality. However, similar to Wikipedia, no single user has jurisdiction over this information. Zeumic offers services to help remove private/factually incorrect information.

Please note that Zeumic does not guarantee success in the removal of content from the Google Knowledge Graph summary. The client understands that even if information is successfully taken down, it may potentially re-appear in the summary if resubmitted by source websites.

This service will assist in removing private/factually incorrect information from the Google Knowledge Graph summary.
The “Smart Edit” option offers a more dynamic method of disputing information that appears in the summary, completed over a greater period of time. This increases the likelihood that the information will be taken down from the summary.

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Smart Edit Summary

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