9. Marketing

Best Practice

Begin Marketing on a Developed Website.

Types of Marketing

∙ Search Engine Ads
∙ Newsletters
∙ Forum
∙ Facebook
∙ Independent Reviewers


Are you ready to expand? We offer a range of solutions to advertise your website and extend your website’s reach. Without implementing a marketing strategy of some kind, potential customers may never find your website. This can be due to the fact that a new website’s organic search results are not yet developed and without initial traffic to your site, this is unlikely to increase without marketing. Marketing draws customers to your site, telling search engines that your site is worth ranking high in the search results. There are many ways to market your website, including:

  • Newsletters – Via email, keep your current customers up to date with news, specials, offers and sales and draw them to your site.
  • Forum marketing – Promote your business by submitting forum posts with links to your website on forums of the same topic.
  • Facebook marketing – Facebook marketing can be very effective depending on your target market. Rather than trying to encourage customers to come to you, by marketing through Facebook, you are essentially going to them.
  • Independent reviewers –

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