Google ReCaptcha Spam


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  • Prevents bots
  • Prevents spammers
  • No CAPTCHA required
  • Checks the IP and email address of the originator
  • Works with Community Builder 1.2, Virtuemart, CBE, AjaxRegistration, JomSocial
  • Block disposable email addresses (internal list and check against
  • Block domains and/or subdomains
  • Block usernames
  • Block IPs or IP ranges
  • Block bots by checking against BotScout database
  • Perform DNS lookup on email domains
  • Perform Spamhaus lookup on IP addresses (SBL, XBL)
  • Reject contact submissions containing URLs
  • Reject contact submissions based on Undisposable, BotScout, StopForumSpam
  • Optionally creates a log of all activity – you can see what it is doing: who was blocked, and who was passed


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