Website Works

Best Practice

Utilising the Website Wizard with your Project Manager to custom fit what you need.

Completely Customisable

The Website Wizard allows for any combination of design, SEO, and build elements.

Multiple Design Options

From custom design to template, the world is your oyster.

Room to Expand

Order the maximum package or the smallest..or even skip a step..You can always come back to these things later!

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The Zeumic Website Wizard sets out the latest in best practice solutions for each phase of a website and inherent peripherals. A “best practice website” is complicated due to each phase having clear winners of their respective industry such as Google for Email, Joomla for CMS, and Facebook for Social Networking.
Why do companies desire best practice? Control, Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness.

In a nutshell: Systems that work and work better than any others in the industry while allowing maximum control, maximum efficiency, and maximum cost effectiveness versus all other alternatives while bearing in mind the cost. Best practice offers the greatest advantage over your competition possible.

The wizard can be used for complete orders, pay as you go by purchasing part by part, or to build a Zeumic quote.

How to Use the Zeumic Website Wizard

Step 1. Review information provided in each step, consider your needs and your budget.

Step 2. Add items to cart

Step 3. Finish the wizard, or leave at any step (pay as you go) – your order is complete.

Step 4. Checkout

  • The Zeumic Website Wizard breaks down the complicated task of creating and developing your website from a best practice perspective.
  • It is designed to help you select what elements you want in your website, such as content, SEO, eCommerce, search engine advertising and template design in a simple add to cart format.
  • The wizard utilises a Step-By-Step process, working through each element required for your website. Your website’s order is completely customisable, built entirely the way you have specified.
  • You can use this wizard to compile a comprehensive quote specifically for your website.
  • The Zeumic Website Wizard is easily navigated using the arrows located at the top and bottom of the wizard (see Icon Legend below).

Once you are ready to move onto the next step (read the information and added any items to the cart), click the ‘Next’ arrow to go to the next step in the wizard.
Once you have completed the wizard, click ‘Show Cart’ in the left menu and follow the checkout process. Following payment, you website will be built according to your specifications.

  • Step by Step / Pay As You Go
  • 50% up front and 50% upon completion
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