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On-site support allows a specialist comes out to your location to complete tasks that can’t be completed remotely. If the task can be completed remotely, there is a preference for pre-paid support. On-site support is more specialised and provides a greater scope of service, requiring higher levels of expertise and effort. A client may request on-site support.

Reasons for on-site support

Completion of specialist tasks
Face to face meetings


How Does It Work?

Minimum of 2 hour orders are required.
You can find notes regarding the use of your Onsite-Support time in the Customer’s Notes section of your order, this contains notes about times on-site, date and tasks completed.
Note: costs may vary. Location of availability must be in reason to prevent surcharges of travel time, this is negotiable depending on amount of on-site time required.
For more information contact us.

  • 0.5hrs On-Site Service, Support, Training, Consultation

  • 1.0hrs On-Site Service, Support, Training, Consultation

  • Callout (1 Hour On-Site Included)

  • Callout Day Cap