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Prepaid remote support covers all minor updates that do not fit into a specific category or product.

For Example:

Phone Support

Printing support
Computer & laptop support
Viruses & security

Website Updates

Image changes
Information updates
Adding accreditation logos

Online Services

Google Apps
Email support

How Does It Work?

You can find notes regarding the use of your Prepaid Remote Support time in the ‘Customer’s Notes’ section of your Prepaid order.
Prepaid support does not “expire”.
When your support time has depleted we will resend you the final order so you can see how you/your company used support.
Prepaid support is designed for tasks that take no more than 25 minutes to complete. After that time, a quote is required.
Zeumic will always generate an order with the appropriate product or service, in the case there is no specified item, prepaid support will cover the item.
As such tutorials and on-site support are not covered by prepaid support.
Please note that if you require a top of Prepaid Remote Support within 3 months we require you to purchase an additional hour.

  • 1.0hrs First Hour, Prepaid Remote Service, Support, Training, Consultation

  • Prepaid Support

  • 1.0hrs Prepaid Remote Service, Support, Training, Consultation

  • 0.5hrs Prepaid Remote Service, Support, Training, Consultation