Why You Should Have One Central Email Address for Your Business

By May 26, 2015April 19th, 2018Email

info@, admin@, support@, my-name@ … with so many different email addresses, it is far too easy for one or more to go unmanaged, and for emails to go unread.

One Central Email Account

The solution is to start by having one central email account as a catch-all; say, admin@yoursite.com.au, and when adding new email addresses set them up to automatically forward to the central email account.

You can also use the central email account to send emails through the other addresses. See here for how to do this in Gmail instructions.

This is effective, as this way you can be sure that you’ll never miss any emails.

It is efficient, as you can perform all your email tasks through a single account without wasting time juggling around, switching between and checking multiple accounts.

Why Get a Name Account?

Why get a personalized email address (e.g., your-name@yoursite.com.au)?


  • Personalized contact email address for staff members


  • No support from other people
  • Lack of collaborative working
  • Unwieldy number of extra accounts to manage
  • Possibility of emails being sent to wrong people
  • Can bind correspondence with clients to a particular staff member where the client should be corresponding with the business as a whole
  • Extra cost in Google Apps for Work

Given the significant downsides, Zeumic recommends against name accounts, and recommends one central email account (along with other generic business ones forwarding to it if necessary).

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